Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Long Weekend

Someone put the long weekend to good use. That someone totally has two new FOs*. Details and photos to follow.

*Finished Objects

Monday, May 16, 2005

Stained Glass Sampler

Hello to you!

I have been very busy with my Sex Library project, but I wanted you all to know that I am still here and still knitting. Bevin has been all tied up with her boss who has lost some of his charm when a few of his secrets were revealed. This has been the source of much rage and gnashing of teeth.

Regardless since it has been a couple of weeks I wanted to give you some progress report photos of the project that has taken my full attention over the past 7 or 8 weeks. As you may recall, I have a niecephew on the way. I am very excited by this. I want very much to be that uncle who drops in with a live bunny and then leaves. Or a drum set. You get the idea. I want to be the most loved uncle ever and damn the consequences to the parents.

Anyway, there is totally a fetus out there that is related to me so I wanted to make it a blanket. A special magical blanket of joy and sherbert colors. I opted for a sampler from one of the Vogue Knitting On The Go Baby Blanket books. It's not with me here at work right now or I would provide specific details regarding publication and designer. I promise to leave a comment tomorrow with that information.

I note here that I have been so excited about the pending arrival of the OFOTTKU* that for the first time in my knitting life I have allowed all my other projects to become SWIPes** and I have worked on this virtually nonstop for almost two months. The only exceptions have been the construction of three wombs.

The patern called for the sampler to be done entirely in one color, an exercise in texture and lace. Bevin has also begun the same sampler and she has opted for the single color method. Hers is being done in a very lovely lavender. I may have done the same, but I wanted to make the blanket RIGHT AWAY and I didn't have crucial information like the sex of the baby, the colors of the nursery, the preference of the parents. So I decided to make it from many colors that seemed pleasing to me, which is code for not pastel. I have finished all the panels of the samlper and this past week I finished crocheting (I know) them together. This blanket is done entirely in Lion Brand Baby Soft.

I was very lucky to find the yarn used for the crochet (I know) border around each square and to crochet (I know) the squares together as it is primarily white but contains flecks of the same colors used in the blocks. It matches very well. Also I like that the color way has been named "Carnival".

I am currently about two feet into the 11 foot lace border I will put around the whole blanket. The border is also in Carnival. The border and crochet (I know) make the blanket look very much like a window with many panes so I am calling this blanket the Stained Glass Sampler. I promise more pictures once the border is attached and the ends are woven in.

Perhaps this week I will post something randy to the knitlist? I wouldn't want the knitflamers to forget me.

*Official Fetus of the Totally Knitting Universe
**Stalled Work in Progress