Monday, February 25, 2008

Quite Unexpectedly

Unexpectedly, I had the intended recipient of the lizard ridge scarf come into town 2 days after I posted my blog entry about it and when the scarf was already bundled up in a package to head down south. I was so happy I had this project finished because I could welcome her with cuddly warmth to off set the otherwise really awful circumstances that brought her here.

That scarf is perfect and Frankie loved it.

Over the weekend, Frankie saw a hank of Blue Sky Alpaca's Bulky Naturals sitting next to my computer. She picked it up and read the price tag "Thirteen dollars!?!"

"Yeah," I answered. "Yarn ain't cheap. That scarf I gave you was really expensive." She shook her head. I don't think she realized even that the hank she was holding was only 45 yards of yarn and that won't even make a hat! Every time I bring a new Muggle into my life the process of indoctrinating them into the knitting fold is like seeing knitting anew.

You know the best thing at a party? Meeting another knitter. I met this great girl at a cupcake roomwarming yesterday. When she confessed to being a knitter Frankie grabbed the scarf I made her and showed it off. There is no better pride for a knitter I think than having other people brag about your handknitted goods.

The girl from the cupcake warming knew immediately that the scarf sported by my friend was made of Noro. I told her the story about the Blue Sky Alpaca and she laughed and said, "Yeah, that scarf wasn't cheap!!"

Other people at the party brought me a gift set. It was a Posh Pooches gift set. A book of dog sweater patterns and a set of #8 needles with dogs on the tops. Super cute. I am going to do a doggie argyle sweater for a chihuahua next.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The O Pile!

I have a new knitting term, y'all. I decided, as I was unpacking my Yarn Room, that almost everything in my pile of "UFOs" is really finished except for the finishing.

I've decided this constitutes my O Pile, which is Finished Objects that haven't been finished yet. There's a baby blanket where all the squares are done, it just needs to be assembled and bordered. There's another baby blanket that needs a border. There is a dog sweater that is knitted, all the pieces are stitched together, it just needs some decoration.

Well, here's the story of my wavy scarf, which was just rustled up and is, right now, blocking. I hate blocking and I am totally doing it to get down my O pile.

I took the pattern from the Lizard Ridge afghan pattern on Knitty. Basically, the afghan is done up in strips–I just did one strip, added a border pattern from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting Over the Edge and voila! A scarf.

The pattern is easy to memorize and really fun.

This is the scarf pre-blocking.

This was my first Noro project. At first I loved the colorway, then I hated it, and then I just focused on one color that every time it repeated it pissed me off. Seriously. I wasn’t sure what to do with the scarf so, for the longest time, it languished in my O pile, all knitted up with no place to go.

Then I met a girl who I was really sweet on. She was visiting me from out of town but only brought one scarf with her to combat the cold NYC climate. Every time she put on her scarf I got sort of pissed at it. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. But I realized later, after she flew back home, what I was so pissed at about the scarf was the colorway. It was a commercial scarf with a lot of the same colors as this one. But totally different and not homemade with love or whatever.

I knew, right then, I had to pull this beast out of the O pile, weave in the ends and get to blocking.

She’s going to love it.

And you know, I am going to sound all hippie woo woo for a second, but even though I didn't make it for her, as I was pinning it out to block it, I totally saw so much of her in the piece. It even prompted me to write a poetic accompaniment to the gift.

I will see her soon, at that time you'll get a modeling shot.

PS to Last One Skeining. Thank you for the prompt to post something in my blog. Even though you're in Australia, I am totally updating in your honor.