Saturday, April 09, 2005

For Trade!!

I am completely ready to trade some circular needles for some DPNs*.

Since I have a set of Denise Circulars, I no longer need the circulars I already owned.

One is BRAND NEW, NEVER USED. US Size 9 36" clover bamboo needles.

The other was only used for one project and still has original packet thingy. US Size 10.5 29" Susan Bates "Silvalume" needles.

I am willing to trade these for two sets of DPNs. I need any size DPNs except for 2s and 8s. I am also interested in size 1 or 2 circulars for sock making.

*Double Pointed Needles


sooner said...

Am I mistaken or are those lovely circular needles featured on a New Kids on the Block comforter?

Bevin said...

That is, indeed, Donnie Wahlburg behind my circulars.