Saturday, June 18, 2005

Anny Blatt is Expensive, Therefore Hateful

There is breaking news here at The Totally Knitting Universe. Brian's sister, aka the Incubator of the Official Fetus of the Totally Knitting Universe (TM), has been informed of the gender of the newest member of their family. It is a boy!

Brian and I know the name already, but I do not think that this is public knowledge yet. We are calling him "X" and have planned several knitted items with this letter incorporated.

Now that we know this crucial information, we can make color appropriate choices regarding X's knitwear. While in Oklahoma recently, visiting X and his Incubator, Brian picked up an Anny Blatt book of patterns for tots (I cannot find it online, or there would be a helpful link). Everything in there is a miracle. We are very excited to knit a whole series of cow incorporated fashions. As some of you may know, I enjoy farm animals and have a fondness for chickens. Cows are a good second.

One of the patterns, a little pink jumper with mice on the pockets, is going to be the knitted birthday present for Ava, my GF's neice. As some may recall, I knitted her a set of booties and a hat, photos of Ava modeling this knitwear available in the FO gallery.

Today, since this is the first lazy Saturday in a long long long time (weddings, weddings, drag shows, weddings, trip to Toronto, weddings), I did some numbers crunching online to determine which totally washable and totally not expensive yarns I plan to use for Ava's jumper and X's various cow clothing. I have a newfound crush on LionBrand Microspun and sort of want to use it for this jumper, but I'm not sure if it's too shiny or slippery. It is quite soft.

In a completely unrelated note, I've been annoyed at my lack of ability to find grown-up colors (i.e. not pastels) in DK weight acrylic yarns.


illanna said...

Encore makes a wool acrylic blend that's washable and comes in 185738392 colors (approximately). Can't wait to see children's cow clothes. I think a cow baby hat would be excellent. I like the uggs set :)

lucia said...

I assume "X" stands for Xerxes or Xavier. I'm sure your sister the incubator will be glad to learn I approve of both names!

Jan said...

Elann has some Austermann Mayfair 50% savings in some really nice colours that are not pastels. I love the colours they hard to choose :)