Monday, September 05, 2005

Possum Yarn?

Possum Yarn?

I find possums creepy. They have rat-like tails. And are not even cuddly-looking. There are some in my neighborhood and one time I saw one sitting in my neighbor's window bars, right next to his front door. If I walked out of my door and saw a Possum sitting in my window bars I would scream very loudly. I vow to you that even if I am eccentric enough to seriously consider adopting 2 chickens as pets, I would never ever knit with Possum yarn.


As there are a few babies being birthed into my life, and last summer after giving birth to her second child, Ava, my GF* Haywood's sister in law told me they don't really need clothes for their kids but they always need bibs. Since babies vomit and drool a lot, I can see how that is true. I imagine it's sort of like how when you have to do your laundry at a laundromat, you have to have a lot of underwear to meet the demand.

Since I enjoy the Knitting and since I discovered how incredibly long it takes to knit a baby blanket, I thought that knitting bibs would be a good idea for making fast and easy gifts for friends. Cotton yarn is totally cheap, too. I got a pattern online for a basketweave baby bib, made it fast but was unhappy with how they had the strap designed (crochet, ugh) so I modified it a bit for my own means. I have since embarked on a journey to create a fabulous and well-designed line of punk rock baby bibs.

While I'm working out the kinks, though, Ava will be the recipient and test subject of these bibs. Her parents were delighted with my first attempt, pictured below.

Ava (13 months old) with my GF modeling the finished product.

Close up of design.

I didn't plan this out well enough because I was trying to figure out how big to make it, get the row and stitch dimensions, etc... And since I don't belive in frogging or starting over or whatever on something where the yarn cost $1.50, I just kept going and learned for next time to make the chart bigger and not to screw up the spacing between letters or whatever. But the straps rule and that's what I was really trying to work out. Haywood offered "constructive" criticism, that I might just use a longer piece of the fuzzy part of the velcro (I sewed on velcro to attach it) and that way the size is adjustable and can grow with the baby.

I think this is a good first attempt and will, of course, continue to update with my progress.



click hits said...

Utterly and completely different type of possum.

The difference between an Opossum and just a possum, I guess.

Bevin said...

I stand corrected, but it is still a gross idea.

elspeth said...

That's a hella sweet lil bib there!

monkeemaven said...

Yeah... Aussie possums are not near as icky as US opossums. Though I'm still quite angry at Australia for ripping off our word for their creature. Hello!! This is a NATIVE AMERICAN word for the animal! I know, Australia, you think you invented marsupials, but please. You have enough awesome animal names. Kangaroo, wallaby... QUOKKA... don't you be stealing our possums and sticking our word onto your cute little critter.

*stares and blinks innocently*

Anonymous said...

You need to stop using photos of average people who have made things on your blog. Use store stuff, whatever, fashion stuff. You want people to like your work, but you shit on the work of other real people. Please stop it.

sooner said...

Dear Anonymous:

I will gladly engage you in this conversation once you find the courage to sign a comment.

Very truly yours,


elspeth said...

I don't understand what anonymous means at all. I am totally confused by their wrath.
In any event, Oh sweet Bevin, the scarf currently on the sticks is indeed from Scarf Style- it's the not-so-plain geometric scarf, and i'm using Debbie Bliss Cotton/Merino yarn, and it's wonderful.
I took some pics, blurry of course, but i'll post them to flickr so you can check them out!

elspeth said...

oh, and p.s. I tagged you both. Check my latest for details.

Serti said...

That's unfortunate that you won't give possum yarn a chance. I've used it and it's a lovely fiber, with a nice halo, warmth and softness. Considering they cull the creatures because they are a hazard in that part of the world, it's good that they can at least find a use for the fur.