Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Checking in!

Here's the one great thing about being in a knitting group. No matter how crazy your life is, you have a scheduled time to go sit and knit. My life has changed so dramatically in the last 2 months. I moved, suddenly, and as of an email received November 1 I am no longer engaged or partnered. Glad I never started that engagement sweater!

The good news is, I still have a yarn room! I somehow got a unicorn place within 2 miles of Manhattan where I have a great railroad style apartment, one room of which is for yarn and crafting! I am excited to get that in order, but of course it is last priority after the living spaces. Seems a little odd, as knitting usually centers me in times of strife, but I have been exercising and distracting myself by going out with friends a lot.

So the great progress I have made during my Tuesday knitting dates is on the Tulip sweater. I used the for real kit and I must say the Dream in Color yarn is totally divine. The colorways are just slightly variegated and so pretty and soft.

I went to WEBS on a visit to Northampton a couple of weeks ago. I bought a cable needle. That's it! I really am only looking for yarn I love and specifically want yarn for that darn Emerald sweater! The pattern calls for yarn that would retail at over $200!! So I am on the hunt for a reasonably priced but gorgeous bulky yarn in a subtly variegated colorway. My dream yarn? The bulky version of the Dream in Color light blue/cloud looking "Some Summer Sky". Not subtly variegated but totally delish. However, that would retail something like $300 for 1500 yards. HA!

Knitting group serves to bring more hilarity. Last One Skeining taught herself to crochet. As though she wasn't already a knitting savant! She actually said, "Crochet makes me feel powerful." Wow.

Beth kindly brings her swift and ball winder to group when she is asked. I wound up my bunny yarn from Rhinebeck and just need to find a nice pattern to go with it. Maybe one from Knitting New Scarves?

I'll post pictures of my pink yarn room soon.


things 1 and 2 said...

Dear Bevin,
It's been awhile since I peeked on the Totally Knitting Universe. Sorry about the outcome of your engagement, but it's thrilling to hear that you actually have a yarn room. Wow.
Hugs to you and Brian!

kim said...

Dear Bevin:

Please update your damn blog. I'm tired of looking at the crazy pics of me and Beth. And I want to know how you're doing vis a vis knitting. And come by the group every once in a while. We miss you.
xoxo, Kim