Saturday, July 09, 2005

Old FOs and a Problem

First, a couple of FO**** pictures I found in my stash:

I finally finished Haywood's* valentine's day wristband. Here it is modeled by Leroy, the brother of the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe, Macy, who was in the backseat during this photo shoot.

The wristbands are in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. (I bought the Debbie Bliss before I knew that the namesake made the mother of the proprietrix of the Official LYS** of the Totally Knitting Universe cry.) There is going to be another one, using black as the background. I used the pattern from this woman's blog, but modified it a little bit. Three false starts on this one. I used the first try, a wristband that was literally three inches too small, to make a cell phone cozy for myself. I also tried it on DPNs*** and completely failed. I made a knot, not unlike crochet. Anyway, I used size one needles, which is a size up from her pattern, and used dk weight yarn and she used fingering. There was a whole thing with getting the right gauge. Either her husband's wrists are super super skinny, or she knits way looser than I do.

Second FO is the CA Dishcloth I made for my mom so that she remembers the state she is in every time she does dishes. You can't really see CA in it, but it's there.

My problem FO is the rose trellis bag I made from Nicky Epstein's pattern in Vogue Knitting Winter '05. See the knitalong here. This is my finished bag. (Not too long to knit but a shit load of sewing.)

It looks funny. Like when it dried it didn't dry well formed or something. Brian thinks I should get it wet with really hot water and stretch it into shape over something (like a trash can) and let it dry that way. I'm sure there's a better solution. Any ideas?

*My GF.

**Local Yarn Shoppe

***Double Pointed Needles

****Finished Object


illanna said...

I agree with Brian. I did the same thing and turned this horror show into this fine FO. The wristband came out great- well done fairisle!

minxxy said...

yeah dunk it in water, not too hot unless you want to shrink it more and stretch it over something slightly smaller than the bag size. I frantically scour the house looking for stuff to use as a mould when felting. Give it a go, you have nothing to loose if you aint happy with the FO.
Where did you get the pattern for the Ugg (?) boots and hat?? I love 'em!

Bevin said...

Dear Minxxxy:

Thanks for the idea!

You can find the pattern here:,2046,DIY_18180_32903,00.html

You want to make sure you download all three patterns, including finishing the hat, which is on a seperate page. Yours truly has a hat that has no front flap (still looks cute thought) because I didn't have the instructions for it and I kept wondering why it looked just a little different.



Anonymous said...

dampen bag..and stuff with a towel or plastic bags to keep shape..let dry to desired shape, if shaping still needed, use garment steamer and shape, repeat with towel/plastic bags to dry. good luck with her!

Quiconque said...

Although the wristband sure is pretty, I am more interested in the blue Yeti what appears to be driving the car. Who is that? Where is s/he going?