Monday, October 24, 2005

FO*s for Feet

As you may have read in the New Yorker, February was Sock Month.

We totally failed to make socks in February, but that doesn't mean that we failed to make socks.


As modeled by the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe (TM), Macy, we have completed socks!

I started first, with some Koigu premium suchandsucha sock yarn at $11.50 per skein, so a $22 per pair of socks plus NY State sales tax. I loved the colorway and wanted a real sock yarn to start off with. Brian had bought the book "Knit Socks!" in February for Sock Month and I borrowed it and went with Starter Stockinette as the basic sock pattern. I was in and out of those socks, even with an 8" leg in under two weeks. Totally fun and easy to understand pattern, this book (along with some Knitty Gritty basics Brian retained) really helped me through the new techniques. Even this trick with twisting knit stitches when you pick up the gusset. Brian failed to mention this until after I had knit the gusset on one of the socks. I have holes at the gusset on one sock but not the other. My left foot is eternally grateful to Brian.

Brian saw me do those socks and was all hella jealous so he grabbed his Lion Brand Magic Stripes (one skein = 2 socks at $4.50 on sale at AC Moore in NJ, no sales tax) and whipped up his own Starter Stockinettes. His legs are shorter on his socks but I have to say it makes more sense the way he did it. He went with 5" instead of the pattern prescribed 8".

Brian is very pleased with his socks and thinks they are comfy and warm. Unfortunately there was a little laddering around decreases for both the gusset and the toe. This is something Brian intends to work on in future sock projects. Brian's socks are totally cheaper but still completely snuggly and still cheaper (Brian keeps making me type cheaper).

I liked knitting with my expensive and nice sock yarn better, though. The debate rages on.

The coolest part about the pattern in "Knit Socks!" was that the heel flap is worked with a slip stitch that makes the varriagated yarn look woven and marvelous and provides extra cushioning and wear for the heel.

Brian has already cast on a second pair of starter stockinettes in more Magic Stripes (the bitch bought, like 5 balls at the same time--he totally gave me one when I begged for it, this free ball of Magic Stripes will totally offset the $22 plus NY State sales tax pair I'm wearing this very minute) and worked all weekend on the Entrelac Socks from the recent issue of Men Knit Magazine. I saw this magazine first and knew, instantly, Brian would be drawn to those socks. Progress pics shortly.

Brian has completed almost the whole leg and it looks super cool. Brian is truly a master sock knitter/entrelacker (entrelacer? entrelocker?). Brian is also super gay, because he chose (with my urging, since I agreed to pay for half of the six skeins of sock yarn neccessary so that I could also make entrelocks) rainbow colors for our sock yarn.

If you want to knit socks you totally should. Easy enough to fly by, hard enough to keep your interest. They rule.

*Finished Object


elspeth said...

Your socks are all wonderful, no matter the cost. I am a sock failure. I find the dpns all layed over one another like Lincoln Logs deeply confusing. Mayhaps you two will be able to get me to shed my sock-making fears.

yoko said...

I am deeply impressed with your sock-making skills, you two. I love the self-stripeyness. Rock on.

Ms. Peth, mayhaps we should try the 2 circs method for socks. Or better yet, the Magic Loop!

TitaniumRose said...

Very nice socks! I can't wait to see the entrelac ones. I still don't quite grasp how those would work having never seen the pattern and only done one very flat piece of entrelac myself. I'm sure they'll be fabulous. =)

lucia said...

I'm afraid I've only made one pair of socks. Yours are great!

Hey, when are you going to Flying Fingers? I still dream of the yarn bus.