Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Howloween


I saw a sweater in a picture ages ago online and said "I MUST make this for Leroy". I could never find the pattern. Until one day I happened upon the pattern book in a random yarn store in Nyak, NY. I snatched it up and cast on Leroy's sweater. This was right before my girlfriend broke up with me, but I decided to continue knitting it because Leroy's been my step dog for almost three years and he didn't break up with me.

Plus, look at how f*ing cute he is:

I'm not sure if my exGF has plans with Leroy for halloween but I feel like this dino sweater can be year-round. It is versatile.

The pattern book, for those playing at home, is Patons "Another Dog's Life" and it's one of those mini pattern booklets. It calls for worsted weight yarn. Basically, you knit a turtleneck sweater in one color to your dog's size and use duplicate stitch (which is basically sewing, which is great if you're a quilter but I prefer knitting and using intarsia) for the polka dots and knit up the ridge as a garter stitch type triangle thing that you sew on. It was pretty easy. Fits him perfectly in the Petite size.

I bought Macy two costumes this year for halloween, both of which were labeled "Small", one was too big (from Old Navy) one was too small (from Target). So, feeling inspired by the dino sweater and emboldened to try to actualize a vision, I made the following sweater from my own design.

I added the waddle at the last minute, which is why it's only in one photo.

Tomorrow I plan to give her a bath and a trim and take more pictures. I really want to do her justice.

I hope to use this sweater as a prototype and submit it somewhere for publication. It was really fun but time consuming to put everything together.

Up next, sweaters for Dewey and Johnny's new dog, Zoey and Erica and Amy's new SHIH TZU, Pluto. And a gaudy holiday masterpiece for Macy.


yoko said...

Those are not your run-of-the-mill doggie sweaters! I love the Macy chicken sweater.

TitaniumRose said...

That is quite possibly the most adorable dog costume I have ever seen! I definitely think you should try to get it published. And thanks for the link to the Men Knit magazine - I've downloaded it and will definitely be giving those entrelac socks a try.

uglyagnes said...

That chicken costume is amazing. great job!

lucia said...

Intarsia!!!!! Intarsia!!!! Oh, you just don't know how excited I am.... (My next article is about intarsia.)

zanti said...

Leroy looks a little pissed off. I think he might be thinking of breaking up with you.

elspeth said...

Wow and Wow! Bevin, those are some fine little costumes. Wonderful chicken costume!!

Chubs said...

Where is Floyd's sweater?? Are you discriminating against dogs with three legs?

Cara said...

Craziness!! I love the dinosaur costume.