Monday, July 16, 2007

Too hot to be outside

When the summer heat bears down I am disinclined to leave my house for anything other than going to the beach.

On Sunday I actually bailed on plans with my friend/blogging partner Kelli because it was really far too hot to do anything but sit inside. It was a blogger meet-up at a bar in Brooklyn and I know the Cattyshack was not going to be air conditioned (or at least not well-air conditioned). She was understanding and I went back into the world of working on my Mystery Stole.

I am still not done with Clue 1, despite the fact that I got about 50 rows done this weekend.

I learned that, when knitting lace, I require a table at standard table height so that I can read the chart (as opposed to coffee table height) and I need something heavy enough to hold down two sheets of paper taped together and keep my place on the chart. Right now I am using a CD case but I am hoping to find something longer but not obnoxious, like a legal sized notebook. As a lawyer, I think casting about in my office should yield something.

After some trial and error, I set myself up in a corner of the living room and brought down a table from the yarn room upstairs. I would knit up there (and might relocate eventually) but there is no sound system and it needs better lighting. Baby steps.

Check out my sexy new knitting bag.

I did install my first lifeline (at row 50) and solved two major stitch issues, so all of that progress, while not the major speed with which some of the knitalongers are doing on the yahoo group, still makes me very proud of my MS3 stole progress.

Since I felt bad for snapping at Dan or demanding complete silence in the living room, when he wanted to watch the Singing Bee I consented and switched to my baby blanket. It is coming along really quickly and I hope to have it finished before the end of the summer.

I just found out this morning my great aunt's funeral is in Maine. Dan and I will take a road trip up there on Friday. With all the time in the car, will I be able to knit lace? I am very compelled to keep working.

Speaking of my car, Jack Knife Winston just got a new accessory:

The lighting is crappy, but it is a pink yarn ball and needles from Lisa Knit! It arrived in record time and she charges actual shipping costs. Not bad for $6.97. I really hope no one steals it.

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