Friday, July 27, 2007

What to knit in the dirt

As of 4:44 pm today, 191 people in front of me on Ravelry.

I am going back to Michfest this year. The last time I went, in 2005, I knitted eight womb dolls in pink and blue and used them to barter in the Barter Mart.

They were a big hit and it has been requested that I make some more. I only have green and black in the correct weight of yarn, so unless I do an emergency yarn mission, I am going to just have to go with those colors. I might make one or two.

I am unsure of what other mindless projects to bring with me. Last summer, my beach project was making baby bibs. Beaches have similar conditions to this trip--lots of sitting near dirt or
on dirt when the knitting takes place. Needs to be lightweight and portable and needs to be mindless.

I have plenty of kitchen cotton, but for some reason the idea of making a bunch of dishcloths isn't as interesting. I might flip through my copy of One Skein and see if I can rustle up an easy project in a washable yarn. I have a whole box of "one skeins".

When on longer trips, I have a tendency to bring a "car project" and a "there project". The "car project" (lately the lego blankie) tends to be bigger and more involved--thus more interesting for the drive. The "there project" is usually small and easy to whip out and knit on when having company. Since space in the car is at a premium I am thinking about just bringing socks. But ever since my "socks fit for a giant" fiasco I have been sort of resentful of sock knitting.

Startitis is rearing its ugly head, I think.

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