Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wavy Gravy Scarf and My Podcast

Lately I have been pretty monogamous. With my knitting. Mostly I am working on this wavy scarf from Knitting New Scarves. (Called New Wave and the yarn is Artful Yarns Shakespeare merino.) It's pretty sexy and I will share an enumerated list of the reasons why it is sexy.

Number one, because when you're knitting it, you're working in the round on two sizes of double points so it looks really complicated. It does require the use of my ears to hold the extra needles. In that way I feel like I am really doing this in honor of people who do not have ears with which to hold their extra knitting needles.

Number two, it is really sexy because essentially it creates a wavy stockinette tube which is joined together every few rows. This is ideal for the yarn I am using because it shows off the variegation without getting too boring to knit.

My cat, ALF, agreed to step in as a model for this project because Macy, the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe (TM), was being uncharacteristically prissy.

Number three, once you figure out the instructions, the repeats are easily memorized and it makes a great subway knit for that reason.

Number four this yarn breaks a lot if you tug even a little too hard. But since you're knitting a tube, you can tuck the ends in there and they disappear. Genius!! I didn't figure this out until about halfway through but I have saved a lot of end weaving even still.

Number five? Bring this project to a group of knitters and everyone wants to know all about it because it is so weird and different yet made of awesome. I busted it out at a muggle party and all of the knitters in the room flocked to the project.

In other news my podcast just dropped!!! I am so thrilled. There's not even a lick of mention of fiber arts in the first episode. Brian is going to be featured in episode 2.

If you're interested in fat fashion, queer culture, good music, sex, you know. That kind of stuff. You should totally listen, subscribe, tell all of your friends.

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PlumStitches said...

congrats on the Podcast! seems like I haven't seen you in for-ever...