Friday, September 21, 2007

This Just In: From an Endcap at Michaels

Brian needed size 11s so he could start a pure Manos* version of My So Called Scarf.

We naturally stopped at Michaels so that he could get said size 11s.

We saw this on an endcap.

I say, it only figures Vanna White is a crocheter.

She has a whole line of "Vanna's Choice" yarns from lion brand. Dude.

The celebrity endorsed yarn was cutesy when Vickie Howell did it. Vickie is a real live knitting celebrity and designer. But honestly the Vanna yarn is just dumb.

Also, P.S. Though we didn't buy any yarn, I bought a copy of Big Girl Knits. I couldn't help myself.

*It is worth mentioning that the Manos Del Uruguay (in colorway Meadowland or something like that) Brian bought was from the Flying Fingers website. Recall our recent disappointment at the hands of their unadvertised vacation. Despite all of that, enclosed with the order was a personal note to Brian on a sexy sheep postcard and a sheep gauge counter dealy. Kevin and Elise, how you taunt us.


kim said...

oh please, no Vanna hating! She's been a big proponent of the fiber arts for years--probably from before Miss Howell was out of middle school! And as I've recently shown, crochet is not an evil art. I think Lion Brand customers are the same people who watch Wheel of Fortune, so the whole thing makes total sense. And if you're making an afghan, you can't go wrong with her color palate. It's not that bad. I have no idea what it actually feels like, though--did you get a chance to touch any of it? I'll admit that whoever styled those pattern booklets did a less than inspired job. bleh.

Brian said...

That color way is "Wildflowers" and the scarf has now topped 4 feet. I can't remember a knitting project that has moved quite this fast.