Monday, September 03, 2007

Wild Jersey City Girls

The first thing that comes to mind when the subject of "wild and crazy times" surfaces is not likely your knitting group. This would change were you to move to Jersey City and knit with these wild ladies.

For example, we went to the Hoboken event for Worldwide Knit in Public Day in June. Hoboken is the next town north of Jersey City and a quick Light Rail trip away. Everyone had blankets and chairs and it was a grand ol' time.

I brought Macy because she is a dog that enjoys fiber arts.

We met a woman who is pictured here using a nitty noddy.

Apparently she spins fiber while on her commute to work. Something about using a drop spindle while she walks to the PATH station, standing on the PATH using a drop spindle and walking to the office from the PATH. I imagine this is not a rainy day activity. You can see video here of using a drop spindle and I am still trying to imagine being coordinated enough to do that while walking and, say, avoiding being hit by a car.

The darkening skies did not scare us off, but they did break up the rest of the crowd. We simply decided to proceed on a yarn crawl and go check out Patricia's Yarn's new digs. One of her store workers gave out 10% off coupons which was definitely an incentive.

Macy approved of the new store and selection of yarn at shih tzu level.

Sue and Babs discussing which yarn to stash.

Barbara, aka Babs, suggested we get lunch and after knitting in public, she ate naked in public. This is a photo of her just after finishing the naked portion of her afternoon.

Sue and Kim just had regular burritos.

Our knitting group doesn't just go for the public nudity, we also do crazy stuff in the restaurant we call our home base. Though the group has existed since January, 2005 (there is another group that has been meeting in Jersey City longer but when we started no one could find anything out about them online) we have only been at Beechwood for about a year. The service is atrocious and usually their pastries are a few days old, but they serve dinner and usually have plenty of space for us. Plus, they don't mind when we do crazy stuff like convince Beth to bring her swift and ball winder and go to town.

We are usually an every other week group, but lately have been going on our "off weeks", too (right, we're getting totally unpredictable). What is funny is we see Beth on our "off weeks" at other groups. Once she was with her moms who knit group and she was with her book group (and about 8 bottles of wine) a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to surprise her on a Wednesday and see her with her motorcycle affinity group or something.

And I'd like to leave off with a shout out to Spanky, Last One Skeining's betrothed, who totally bought LOS the beautiful knitting bag she is modeling in my below post. She deserves the awesomest boring brown stockinette stitch sweater ever.


things 1 and 2 said...

i am missing the wild JC girls!!!
i send a shout out from 47401!!!

PlumStitches said...

those are some wild jc girls at the knit in! sorry i missed you at my motorcycle aficionado group. we had at least 20 bottles of boone's farm on the table ;-)