Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mandarin Moonlight

Posted to the Scarf Style Knitalong Blog earlier today.

Hello Stylish Scarf Knitters!

I have very much enjoyed watching all of your progress on the various Scarves of Style you've been working on, even those of you who have been knitting sleeves. I have finally gotten around to beginning my first Scarf Style Project and I present for you now this lovely progress photo.

Many of you may recognize this as a scarf modeled on the pattern entitled Midwest Moonlight. My scarf is called Mandarin Moonlight because it is being knit from Southwest Trading Company's Bamboo in firey red. This yarn is actually made from bamboo, which as you know is native to China and a healthy snack for pandas. Also the Chinese are totally red communists. The name change seems inevitable when these facts are considered. I'm sure you all agree.

The bamboo fabric has an incredible drape and a great deal of stitch definition. It is a little brittle though and I had to learn not to knit to tightly with it or the yarn would snap. It has an interesting hand which is difficult to describe. I will make it available for fondling to any of you who wish to visit me in New Jersey.

Also in the photo you will see that my Mandarin Moonlight is totally being modeled by Macy, the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe*. See how happy she was yesterday when that photo was taken? Today she is having her ovaries out. The wheel is always turning, my friends. Always turning.

So far I have been following the pattern as written, but I am thinking of adding sleeves to my Mandarin Moonlight when I get a little farther along. I will post any alterations I make to the pattern in pursuit of adding sleeves to the knitalong blog.




verlit said...

For some reason I seem to be unable to post message on Scarf Style Knitalong, so I am posting here.
I love the red color of your Mandarin Moonlight (and the yarn looks lovely, too).
Great dog!

katya said...

Sleeves? Please put down the crack.

elspeth said...

Oh Brian, BoyKnitter, that is a lovely red scarf you are making. You are quite the prolific project boy, aren't you! I got jealous of your quaker work ethic.