Monday, March 14, 2005

Totally Famous Totally Knitting Universe

Recall our first Yarn Bus adventure. Recall also that we met a nice young reporter for The New Yorker on our journey.

Today a New Yorker article featuring Bevin and I appeared on the internet.

We are so totally famous.

The article is not technically about us, but we are none the less featured extensively. If you've like to acquire your very own hard copy of the magazine the article appears in the March 21, 2005 edition.

The article will be available for free on the internet from now until March 21.


yoko said...

Oh my gosh!! You guys *are* totally famous! And sock month is mentioned! You rock my world!

grumperina said...

Wow, totally cool! I'll be sure to clip your article... congratulations!

lucia said...

I'm totally envious!

Not only haven't I found a yarn bus to ride in, but I haven't run into a journalist on my way to my LYS!