Thursday, March 03, 2005

The SNB with great Fateitude

This is not knitting related but somehow makes me feel like it is something for the knitting community to gather 'round.


Tonight Sooner and I went to the Hoboken Stitch N Bitch (SNB). I found the group via the main SNB website

They met at Wolfgang Puck's in Hoboken. We walked in, ordered our food and approached them, realizing one of them, Megan, WENT TO LAW SCHOOL WITH BOTH MYSELF AND SOONER. How insane is that? Plus, one of the other two women (Beth) was also a lawyer. So we had an SNB with four lawyers and a non-lawyer. I felt sort of bad that most of the time at the event we were talking about people from law school but how can that be avoided with such a chance meeting? Next time we'll move on to general law talk. And by the time Jen gets back from her vacation (she was the non-lawyer) we'll be on to just talking about knitting.

*Obligatory Knitting Content


lucia said...

Since Joan in Eugene has not provided guidance, I think you should have discussed the role of "cutsey-pie-ness" in knitting communications.

I'm sure it's an issue that can only be resolved by lawyers.

Bev said...

You have to love a lawyer who is loose enough to knit. I am an attorney in Oklahoma City who knits whenever and whereever possible. What kind of law do you practice? I love the esoteric appeal practice-- where the issues have no connection to reality!! Bev in OKC

Bevin said...

Dear Bev:

I am a Real Estate lawyer. I sometimes knit during closings (when I represent a lender and my client isn't there). I knit on line at the bank when I need certified checks. Of course, I also knit on the train. Trying to convince my boss to be okay with me knitting while waiting for him to meet with me.