Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yarn Dieting

In the spirit of weird knitster speak, I am completely on a Yarn Diet. This is exactly what it sounds like, not buying yarn until you lose some of the excess. Our weekend with the Yarn Bus and the garbage bag of yarn from Smiley's Yarn Store has completely sated my need for string. Brian and I did a bunch of YAMming* and I have enough for three major projects plus two minor ones. Not to mention the stash I already had.

Anyway, that said, I had to cheat on my yarn diet this week. It's true, my will power is weak in the face of deep-seated desire.

A few months ago I was mad searching for yarn to do the Sheep Grazin' in the Grass blanket from Vogue Knitting Baby Blankets 2. This pattern was the whole reason I bought the book and I desperately wanted to make cute little intarsia sheep for my impending cousin (due to my Aunt in April). The pattern calls for Berocco Pronto in color Grass. Now, most places I looked for it required upwards of $7 a skein. For 9 skeins I was not going to be able to afford to create the Sheep Grazin' in the Grass blanket. I hunted for an alternative bulky cotton but couldn't find one in a green grass color. It plagued me. I decided I might just double strand a worsted weight cotton, but then just gave up on the project until I really loved a yarn.

And then it happened. Elann sent me a newsletter with yarn clippings. And they had Pronto. And it was $2.49 a skein. Hello! I immediately went online and found that they only had two colors of it and they weren't even green. Boo. So I sent them an email and they said they'd email me if/when they ever got more in. I was not hopeful.

Thursday night I got the email. And I totally bought some green (I think it's called "So Green"). I bought a third of their available stock.

Brian agreed that this was a must have purchase, since I had been looking so long for this particular color and yarn. He completely sanctioned the stray from my Yarn Diet.

So now I just need three skeins of white Berocco Plush and one of black Plush. I need these to not be the retail price of $8.50 - $9.00. I found a great store online that sells mega discount Noro yarns via the Scarf Style blog yesterday. (It took a lot of Yarn Diet strength not to pick up Noro at $6.99 a skein, by the way.) I emailed them because they did not have Plush in stock, but carried a mega ton of other Berocco yarns at discount prices.

This is their response:

Thank you for your e-mail.

We always ship the same or next business day.
The Plush is not coming in, as we do not have lots of requests for it at
this time.

Have a wonderful day

I think that Wool Needlework needs to be inundated with requests for Plush, and I ask that you, readers of TK.BS** pitch in and hook a sister up with her dream YAM at this store.

Why shouldn't I harness the power of the internet, THIS BLOG, for my dreams? I beg of you, pop over to gmail or aolmail or yahoomail or whatever mail service you use and drop a line to Betsy and BEG HER to carry Plush, especially in white and black, at a deep discount.

Thank you.

*Yarn Acquisition Mission


lucia said...

Mega-discount Noro?

Is that $6.99 for a 100 gram skein or $6.99 for a 50 gram skein?

Bevin said...

100 grams of pure colorwork joy.

monkeemaven said...

Yarn diets suck. I don't believe in yarn diets... mainly because I have little money to start with and more than enough time to knit when I think I have too much yarn. When I grow to detest languishing stash, I trade it away - if I love it too much to part with, it's not stash, it's a member of the family!

Cheryl said...

Just in case not enough people inundate the site with e-mails, Le Fibre Nobili (distributed in the States by Plymouth) makes a yarn called Geisha that looks, feels and acts just like the Plush, for about half the price. I use it as a substitute all the time...