Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New FOs

Sooner is cooking something up pretty marvelous, though, stay tuned right here. It's a TK.BS* exclusive.

I just wanted to report that there are new FO**s added to the FO links on the sidebar. Sooner made an afghan. Holy crap!

Also, to comment on my own FOs (details within the photo captions) Ruffles took for ev er to finish but was a dream to knit, being all cashmerey on bamboo needles. Also, the Alien Illusion Scarf was a long time knitting, too (so much so that my DSO*** said that she was sick of watching me knit it), and curls like a mofo. I have contemplated a single crochet border but have decided that when hanging on the neck it's not so bad.


**Finished Object
***Darling Significant Other

1 comment:

lucia said...

The afghan is beautiful. I'm impressed by the total cost of $8. I hope Sooner reports back how the afghan launders and wears.

I read post on the KL; a woman complained her felted purse knit from Noro ($5,000,000/ skein) pilled immediately. Her el cheapo wool purse is wearing well.