Friday, March 25, 2005

On VK Spring/Summer

For those of you who do not know, I am originally from the Bay Area, California (now live in Jersey City, NJ). My mom still lives here and since there is a christian holiday on the near horizon I have taken a trip to visit.

Because my flight was non-stop I figured the best thing to bring with me was backyard leaves from Scarf Style. All of the things I've read about it on the knitalong indicated it was really hard and really easy to mess up. I thought that since I couldn't really be distracted while sitting still for 5.5 hours it would be the ideal starting place.

I frogged four times and, in sum, did 10 rows. The leaves aren't even showing up yet.

I spent much of my plane trip, though, devouring the new issue of VK*, which arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I subscribed after loving the flower basket of magical miracles and all of the great yarn store advertisements and product information. Most of it seems to be about sweaters and stuff. Which is nice but I'd like to see anyone who knits more than 2 projects out of each issue of VK, because those sweaters are pretty complicated. So this year is a trial year and if I don't consistently use it for some sort of resource I'll cancel.

Anyway, what sort of irked me a lot about this issue was the following juxtaposition: There was a whole article about knitters who take sweater patterns made for the skinny minnies and redesign them to fit their bodies. With emphasis on knitters who are plus-sized. They explicitly mentioned how wrong it is that so many patterns are written with complete disregard for the average body size and what have you. (That most top out at BELOW the average bust size for a woman, etc...) They also mentioned how revolutionary and empowering doing such a thing was because you could go into a pattern with YOUR body as the norm without regard to the standards of beauty. It didn't get into the specifics of how one might alter a pattern for a bigger size, but it was inferred.

However, once you plunge into the sweater patterns in the back of VK, you see that all of them top out at large or XL. Hello? Didn't we just read your article? But we have to do all the work instead of your designers? They didn't even bother putting a timely plus-sized section. It was an annoying aspect of this issue, the fact of them not following their own advice.

I, for one, have had the intention of doing just such a thing at some point using the tips laid out in stitch n' bitch nation or simply bribing Lucia to do it for me, since she hearts math and knitting so much. ;)

I also have earmarked my first sweater pattern, this lacy mohair cowl necked sleeveless number from Weekend Knits. Brian and I were at the B&N looking for copies of the New Yorker with our article in it (I saw one at the dentist's office today!) and since they didn't have our issue out yet we headed to the knitting book section and he specifically pointed the sweater out as "perfect" for me. I can't wait to do the math and make it happen. And make it longer and all of that. If I can make it proportional it will be my favorite work garment for summer.

I left Brian a message this morning at 6:30 AM the second I saw the ad in VK for the new magazine "Rebecca Home". We heart knits for home.

On my week long stint here in the Bay Area (and at grandmother's in Palm Springs) I plan to visit many yarn stores and finish my Flower Basket of Marvelous Mysterious Mischief so that I can felt it FOR FREE.

*Vogue Knitting

Monday, March 21, 2005

They think WE are full of ourselves

Recall my recent response to speculation posted about Brian on Knitflame, an email list devoted entirely to making mean comments about what people post to the Knitlist. Below find some of the response from the list.

From: "fernbacj"
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:05 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

Dear, dear Bev,

Thank you *sooooooooooooo* much for clearing all that up. I'm sure I
speak for everyone here when I tell you how very excited we all are
to have such celebrities in our midst. Enjoy your stay.

From: Robin
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:36 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

> Yes, we are
> super stars and yes, that makes you want to know more about us

Bullshit. I would very much not like to hear any more.


From: "sara_in_houston"
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:40 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

Psst! Trolls go away if you don't feed them.

From: Robin
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:43 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

> Psst! Trolls go away if you don't feed them.

Not this kind.


From: Sharon Siegel
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:45 am
Subject: Re: [knitflame] Re: was there an election?

>Yes, we are
>super stars and yes, that makes you want to know more about us and

Personally, I couldn't give a shit.

"when in doubt, kill the frog."

From: "Mark Ostrem"
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 6:49 am
Subject: hey bevin

> However, I want to let you know that your
>post was
> completely off-base and sort of lame, both in fact and
> implication.

And yours was *not* lame? Give me a break. At least
leabob knows how send a privately addressed email to the
correct address (if it was meant to be public, why address
it Dear Leabob?) *and* she knows how to trim the replies

oh, and leabob is usually funny. Your tone of benevolent
educator is ho-hum. Knitflame is for flaming. If you can't
be entertaining, Move on.

You may be a celebrity in your own mind but it doesn't
draw any depth here.


From: "lloeren"
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 7:04 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

It seems like someone overdosed on arrogance today.

"Yes, we are
super stars and yes, that makes you want to know more about us and
speculat--especially on the very speculative and insightful forum,

You have a very, very long way to go before you can reach the level of
the true superstars of this list and the Knitlist.

They are the ones who tirelessly give detailed technical answers over
and over again on the list. They are the ones who because they
consistently write lengthy technical essays on many knitting topics on
their blogs have huge blog readership. They are the ones who actually
make a worthwhile contribution.

Finally, they are they ones who don't have their heads up their own
arses blowing a trumpet.

Emma, a regular lurker.

From: "Milinda"
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 10:27 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

Holy Shit! who left the Troll Gate open this time?

As for you, Bevin, do you really think that we give a fuck about you
and the "boy knitter?"

Jesus, take the garbage out.

getting crankier by the day
From: "troiscoquettes"
Date: Sat Mar 19, 2005 10:48 am
Subject: Re: was there an election?

Seems to me that we had contracted to not only have a gate added to the
stile, but for it to also be both electrified and rabbit-proofed.

I think maybe the GC fell down on the job.


It is the official position of the Totally Knitting Universe that the Knit"flamers" aren't even a little remarkable. It is a shame, too, because that forum could really be clever and funny but instead it is simply mean for mean's sake.

Friday, March 18, 2005

For the Record, Brian is a Real Boy

The following was posted to the KnitFlame list today:

----- Original Message -----
" I am Brian, boy* knitter of the knitlist and star of knitflame"

I'm beginning to wonder if he thinks he's the only male knitter on theknitlist. The way he posts it sounds like he does. i would *so* bet you that it's not that he sees himself as the only male knitter -- it's that he sees himself as a *b0y* knitter. i have a friend* who's very much into the SMBD scene & refers to herself as a "boi". i've gathered that the term denotes a butch lesbian who's a submissive & who likes to playgames with a father/son twist (even when the father is a femme lesbian). she likes lots of punishment, but i don't know if that's a standard part of that scenario. anyway, i wouldn't be surprised to find that our self-centered egomaniac is of a similar persuasion. some people have very complex boats to float.

lea bob

* she's not so much a close friend anymore. we used to have lots ofdiscussions regarding research, renaissance england & what store had the bestfabric/rhinestones/trim/metal bits for costumes. once she came out of thecloset** & got into the SMBD scene, all she wanted to talk about was being a sub& giving the details of her sex life. frankly, there's not many details that iwant to know about other people's sex lives no matter what kind of sex they'rehaving, or with whom.

** her "coming out" was rather anticlimactic since the rest of us had peggedher as a lesbian long before. we just thought that she was discrete about it.little did we know. once she decided to officially admit being a lesbian, shecouldn't shut up about the details. we found out that she hadn't been discrete;she'd been repressed &, when her mother died, she cut loose in a big way. imean, she didn't so much come out of the closet as she exploded into a non-stop,no-holds-barred, detailed, constant discussion of lesbian sex, bondage,discipline, and -- well, the kind of sexual games that leave you thinking, " sweet. god. are you saying that people really *do* that? and enjoy it?!!."suddenly we were all faced with a 52-year old, overweight, badly groomed,coke-bottle glasses-wearing, badly dressed lesbian with a lousy haircut & no"mute" button. imagine how entertained we all were when she managed (she's gota big voice) to take over an entire party & regale us with all the details ofher newly-discovered sexual gameplaying. you've never seen so many peoplezipping past their hostess with a muttered, "hadagreattime, delightfulparty,gottago". and you've never seen a more horrified look on a hostess' face whenshe realized that, not only was the entire party bailing on her, she'd offeredDonna a place to stay for the weekend. and we, chickenshits that we were,shamelessly left her standing there while we rushed to our blessedly quiet,Donna-less homes. i heard later that she managed to stay drunk most of theweekend.

Below, please find my response, posted to KnitFlame:

Dear LeaBob:

I am Bevin. You may remember me from such things as I was riding the yarn bus and was completely interviewed by the New Yorker and my post to the Clapotis Knitalong that indicated that I thought the whole thing was overrated.

Brian, the Boy Knitter of the Knitlist, Star of Knitflame and the person you refer to in the below-referenced post to Knitflame, is my blogging Partner in Crime, best knitting pal and a good friend of mine.

I know that much of our lives is shrouded in mystery. Yes, we are super stars and yes, that makes you want to know more about us and speculate--especially on the very speculative and insightful forum, Knitflame. However, I want to let you know that your post was completely off-base and sort of lame, both in fact and in implication. I do not want to forget to mention that it was also offensive.

You see, Lea Bob, Brian is a biological boy. He was born with XY chromosomes and as far as I know has identified as a male person his whole entire life. As Joan in Eugene has completely pegged, Brian has identified himself as the "Boy" Knitter of the knitlist in an attempt to be "cutsie pie". He is a charming man and is prone to being the center of attention at parties, not because he has no "mute" button, but because he is a very nice and funny person and people enjoy speaking with him. He and I both have seen the knitlist as a group of people who may appreciate a cleverly-worded email now and again. I know for a fact that Brian knows he is not the only boy on the knitlist, as Rodney from Palo Alto, CA has contacted him regarding the leagues of male knitters that mostly lurk.

I am not going to address your specific implications about Brian's sex life but let me just assure you all that unless you are a dorky boy and identify as gay you will not have a piece of his sweet sweet ass. But I bet Brian will find it sexy that you used a footnote within a footnote in your post.

Lea Bob, I am also a member of the gay and lesbian community, but as I am a girl I am in the opposite camp of my friend Brian. But, unlike Brian, I have been a lot more active in the LGBT community and, it's fair to say, know a broader-based group of queer people.

I do know what a "boi" is, as you incorrectly termed it in your email. A "boi" is sometimes used in the S/M community to refer to someone who biologically may be male or female and identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or anything on that spectrum but generally prefers the submissive end of role playing. A "boi" is also a term sometimes adopted by genderqueers as a label for gender identity, that they identify as more masculine but not neccesarilty as a man. This is incredibly oversimplified, but I felt needed to be addressed.

Lea Bob, I think you have given us way too many details about your friend (or former friend, if I read your post right) in order to make your point about Brian potentially being a kinky butch lesbian and not a male knitter trying to entertain older women on an email list by being cutsie pie.

But I will say this about Donna, I am happy for her that she has found a community she identifies with and finds support in. It is certainly obvious she wasn't getting that from your circle of friends.


Jersey City, NJ

OTN: Heirloom Baby Blanket Sampler from VK Baby Blankets on the Go II, in acrylic lavender.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Totally Crocheting Universe

Dear Stylin' Scarf Makers of All Fiber Art Forms:

You may recall me from such posts as "I made ruffles just like every other girl in the universe" and "Has anyone else started the hardest intarsia project in the history of ever."

As some of you may know, it is the position of the Totally Knitting Universe that crochet is an Inferior Fiber Art (TM)*. It's true. Try to deny it.

This came about due to an unfortunate trip to AC Moore, which I will recount briefly for you at the present time.

Brian, the Boy Knitter of the Knitlist, Creator of Mandarin Moonlight and my best knitting pal/blogging partner and I went to our favorite AC Moore to check out their deals. When we first began knitting in earnest, we paid little attention to crochet, except to dismiss it in pattern books as items we would not complete because we didn't care to learn how. We hadn't passed any judgments. Our minds were open and blank as to what other people chose to do with their hands/idle time/yarn.

It was at this moment when we passed the craft table and a woman displaying her many wares was seated and eyeing us suspiciously. A group of other ladies stood off to the side. Brian and I "oohed" and "ahhed" at her creations, noting that they were crocheted but didn't mention it. We offered her the traditional kudos for a job well done and moved on to explore the next aisle.

These women apparently pegged us as knitters right away because they began talking loudly about how much they hated knitting. About how they just couldn't stand those needles clacking together. BLECH. They went on and on and Brian and I just looked at each other. It wasn't until we left that we were able to discuss it openly, and it was then and there that our position regarding crochet as "just flat knots" and "unable to make anything pretty" was born.

We have carried this prejudice with us for almost two months. However, surfing through Scarf Style and noting that many pretty things have been made using the fiber art of crochet, I decided to make an exception for only those projects. We were able to secure two seats via a two month long waitlist for a class at our favorite LYS*. Kevin, the Man Crocheter of Flying Fingers, is a crocheter and offers a class free of charge, provided you purchase supplies from their shoppe. A complete deal, if you ask me.

I went into the class after taking the Yarn Bus hoping to learn to read a crochet pattern so that I could begin my Flower Trellis Scarf from Scarf Style. With Kevin's help I have completed one third of the project. Not bad for five hours in a yarn store. I'm finding crochet not as fun as knitting but a pretty good instant gratification, and will continue to use crochet to enhance and improve knitted projects. As the Flower Trellis contains knitted flowers, this project falls under that ambit.

The pattern calls for a crocheted trellis, and with basic skills the trellis flows right from the hook. Here you can see the relative length of the scarf (it is crocheted lengthwise) modeled against the Official SpokesCat of the Totally Knitting Universe, Lily. Lily is completely attracted to the fiber I have used on this project.

I have chosen to work entirely in Alpaca, as it is "In like a Lion, out like an Alpaca" month at our LYS (this includes online sales, by the way). The trellis is in Tahki Yarns "Kerry" in color 5009 aka green, a worsted weight 50% Wool/Alpaca blend. I also have Kerry in color 5023 aka Pink for some of the knitted roses and picked out a Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight in pink and a sportweight white with little sparkles (Alpine Meadows yarn in "Winter Wonderland") to provide smaller accent flowers using the same pattern proposed in the book but on smaller needles.

It is my hope to finish the project soon so that Macy, the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe, can feel all the more Parisian.

As some of you may remember, she has recently had her ovaries removed and is sort of sullen about the whole thing.

Hope this wasn't too image-intensive,

Jersey City, NJ
Totally Knitting
Bevin & Brian in The New Yorker

**Local Yarn Shoppe

Monday, March 14, 2005

Totally Famous Totally Knitting Universe

Recall our first Yarn Bus adventure. Recall also that we met a nice young reporter for The New Yorker on our journey.

Today a New Yorker article featuring Bevin and I appeared on the internet.

We are so totally famous.

The article is not technically about us, but we are none the less featured extensively. If you've like to acquire your very own hard copy of the magazine the article appears in the March 21, 2005 edition.

The article will be available for free on the internet from now until March 21.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mandarin Moonlight

Posted to the Scarf Style Knitalong Blog earlier today.

Hello Stylish Scarf Knitters!

I have very much enjoyed watching all of your progress on the various Scarves of Style you've been working on, even those of you who have been knitting sleeves. I have finally gotten around to beginning my first Scarf Style Project and I present for you now this lovely progress photo.

Many of you may recognize this as a scarf modeled on the pattern entitled Midwest Moonlight. My scarf is called Mandarin Moonlight because it is being knit from Southwest Trading Company's Bamboo in firey red. This yarn is actually made from bamboo, which as you know is native to China and a healthy snack for pandas. Also the Chinese are totally red communists. The name change seems inevitable when these facts are considered. I'm sure you all agree.

The bamboo fabric has an incredible drape and a great deal of stitch definition. It is a little brittle though and I had to learn not to knit to tightly with it or the yarn would snap. It has an interesting hand which is difficult to describe. I will make it available for fondling to any of you who wish to visit me in New Jersey.

Also in the photo you will see that my Mandarin Moonlight is totally being modeled by Macy, the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe*. See how happy she was yesterday when that photo was taken? Today she is having her ovaries out. The wheel is always turning, my friends. Always turning.

So far I have been following the pattern as written, but I am thinking of adding sleeves to my Mandarin Moonlight when I get a little farther along. I will post any alterations I make to the pattern in pursuit of adding sleeves to the knitalong blog.



Tuesday, March 08, 2005

LYS* FanFic**

Recall that Flying Fingers is the official LYS* of the Totally Knitting Universe. Here is a link to our photo essay detailing our trip to Flying Fingers.

Presented now, for the first time ever, is the untold story of how they captured Wooly-Wooly.

The Hunt

Kevin took a long drag off his cigarette and leaned into the dim light over the table. These secret meetings in darkened speakeasies were beginning to wear on him. He’d decided to tell Elise that he was giving up if this one didn’t pan out. He knew it would crush her, but how much more energy could one man dedicate to an endeavor such as this? He turned a sickly green and coughed heartily as the smoke escaped from his lungs.

“Have some water,” said the man across the table. “Get it all out.” He patted Kevin on the back. “You okay?”

Kevin nodded, his eyes watering. He heaved a little while he coughed.

“What the hell are you doing anyway? You don’t smoke. Your face is all red there. Here take this napkin; you’ve got a little spittle. Little more on the left. There you go.”

Kevin labored with the words, his breathing shallow. “You’re sure?” he asked. He thumbed tentatively through the dossier he’d just been given. “Is this—confirmed?”

The man folded his arms across his chest and smiled broadly. “This time,” he said, “this time it’s real.”


Two hours later Kevin stood in front of his team and began to brief them on the situation. “People, I need your attention.” He handed out a page he’d photocopied. The top half had a fuzzy photograph, the bottom a physical map of the area. A Sharpee had been used to put a big red X on each map in an area on the edge of the woods. An area that bordered prime grazing land. “We’ve had a confirmed sighting and we’ve got to move fast on this.”

Amber collapsed her portable swift and pressed a lever. In the center of the swift a mechanism unhinged and a length of chain unspooled. She deftly manipulated the weapon, her hands a blur as she swung the nun chucks with frightening ferocity. She came to rest in a purposeful stance, her arms at the ready, her eyes taking every thing in as they surveyed the shoppe over the top of the rims. Then she bowed deeply to Kevin and said, “What’s the mission, Kevin-San? Bag and tag?”

Kevin was glad Amber was around this time. Her ninja skills will come in handy if this isn’t another hoax, he thought. “No, Amber. This is a kill. We go in quietly. A surgical strike, we take the target only.”

Elise felt her face flush as she realized that last statement was aimed at her. “Jesus, Kevin,” she hissed. “I thought it was the target, ok? How many times do I have to apologize? Besides it wasn’t my fault. I mean, what the hell was that sheep dog doing corralling all those dime store Indians? What was I supposed to think?”

Kevin walked over and took Elise’s hand. He kissed her gently on the forehead and breathed in her scent. To be so close to her—every time he fell in love all again. “I know. I know. I just—I just don’t want to lose it again. We’re close, Babe. We’re closer than we’ve ever been.”

He looked back over his shoulder and addressed the whole group. “No mistakes this time, people.” He tossed the keys to the Yarn Bus to Red. “Fire it up,” he said. He slapped a clip into his pistol and felt a tingle at the familiar click.

He sighted a basket of Lambs Pride Worsted and tensed his finger around the trigger without releasing the safety. He pretended it was a basket of Debbie Bliss Soho and, remembering the time Debbie made his mother in law cry, felt a rage boil up inside him. It was a rage he could use, a rage he had always used when he’d been on a hunt. “Everybody lock and load! We’ve got a giant fiberglass yarn ball sheep to bag.”


A few seconds later they were underway. Red, Elise, and Kevin rode inside the Yarn Bus. Amber clung to the exterior and scaled it like an insect. Her ninja senses were alive in the open air and she reveled in the world around her. She drank it in as only a ninja could. She closed her eyes and reached out with her other senses. She could feel the wild life all around her humming along in the never ending search for food and sex. Subtly she eliminated the gophers and the deer and the sparrows in her search for just one creature.

Red thought it a little unnerving that she could not hear Amber on the roof of the Yarn Bus. Is she even still up there? she thought. She glanced into the rear view again, looking for anything (or anyone) they may have dropped along the way. Red had a Midwest charm that belied her stunt driving skills and wicked accuracy with a hurled knitting needle. She fingered the size US thirteens she kept in the quiver at her side. She’d stocked up on the purple ones, her favorites, before they’d left the shoppe. Her quiver could carry sixteen needles, but she’d never needed more than one. It was a point of pride for her, but she was much too polite to brag about it.

It seemed to take no time at all before Red was smoothly pulling off the road near the sighting. Amber vaulted off the roof in a graceful arc, landing silently in front of the Yarn Bus. “Is it here? Can you feel it?” Elise was tingly and impatient.

Amber’s eyes narrowed to slits as she surveyed the area. “Something is here,” she said. “Something I have never felt before.” She sniffed the air. “Something ancient.”

“Is it purple?” asked Elise. “Maybe with orange flecks?”

Amber cocked her head to the side in a gesture few had seen from a ninja. “I do not know, Elise. It’s colorway is blocked to even my ninja senses.”

Kevin strapped a crossbow across his chest with a strap he’d crocheted with Yarn Bus stash yarn on the short journey. He kissed his lucky size G hook and holstered it snuggly around his ankle. He felt safer with it there. “Alright, people,” he cautioned. “Let’s button it up. Get your heads in the game and head out.” He took point and strode confidently toward the grazing area, the rag tag team of hunters close behind.


They rounded a hill and Red was the first to spot their prey grazing lazily in the valley below. Instinctively she drew a knitting needle and readied it in her hand. “There it is!” she whispered excitedly. “It’s a big one!”

Kevin took a knee and produced a pair of binoculars from the binocular cuddly Elise had knit for him on their last anniversary. He absently brushed a stray fiber from the lens cap. He placed the binoculars up to his eyes and adjusted the focus until a beautiful yarn ball sheep in a stunning blue/yellow/green colorway popped into sharp relief. He gasped a little. Rare, he thought. Three colors.

“Alright people. There she is.” He passed the binoculars around to Red and Elise so they could get a better look. Amber’s heightened ninja senses had already provided her with all the detail she needed. He motioned for Amber to position herself behind the sheep and she dutifully complied. He motioned to Elise and Red to flank it on the left and he would break right. They all knew what to do.

It stood still, motionless in fact, as Kevin and his team positioned themselves. Was it aware of them? Did it know what was happening? Would it bolt, charge, shoot laser beams from its eyes? These questions plagued Kevin. He worried more for the safety of Elise and the others than for himself. He knew that if it ever came to it he would sacrifice himself for any of them.

Through the binoculars he could see his team in place. He was preparing to give the signal, when he first caught glimpse of Elise charging the prey. What was she doing? Was she trying to get herself killed? She’d lifted two of Red’s needles and wielded one overhand in each paw. Her long black hair flowed wildly behind her as she charged. “For the dime store Indians!” she shrieked.

Kevin stood paralyzed as the love of his life neared the yarn ball sheep, leapt into the air and with a sickening slap landed sidelong across the back of the sheep. She kicked wildly and pounded it with the needles in her hands. Kevin heard a snap as one of the acrylic tips broke off with a glancing blow against the seemingly impenetrable fiberglass. Each of Elise’s kicks landed a gut wrenchingly hollow thud against the creature’s midsection. She struggled valiantly against the creature for what seemed like minutes until, exhausted, she slipped off it and lay in the grass beside it.

“Is it…did I…is it dead?” she asked her approaching team mates?

“Hard to tell,” said Amber. She examined the fiberglass yarn ball sheep noting it hadn’t moved an iota since they first spotted it. “Such a delicate balance between the life and death of fiberglass creatures.”

Kevin gave it a shove and it toppled over onto its side raising a cloud of dust.

“I’d say it’s dead enough,” said Red. Everyone laughed, even Amber whose ninja sensibilities rarely permitted her such a human reaction. “I can tell you one thing for sure, though.”

“What’s that?” asked Kevin.

“There’s no way you’re bringing that filthy thing onto my yarn bus!”

“Way ahead of you, Red. I’ve already radioed for the SUV.”

As if on cue an SUV rounded the bend and approached the hunters. It took the strength of all of them to hoist the yarnball sheep onto the roof of the SUV and secure it. Kevin couldn’t resist feeling proud of Elise and he gave her a bear hug when they were ready to take off.

“I’ve got to get a picture, Kevin.” said Elise. She produced a disposable camera from her fanny pack. You two smile now! Say, ‘Wooly-Wooly!’”

*Local Yarn Shoppe
** Fan Fiction

Monday, March 07, 2005

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yarn Dieting

In the spirit of weird knitster speak, I am completely on a Yarn Diet. This is exactly what it sounds like, not buying yarn until you lose some of the excess. Our weekend with the Yarn Bus and the garbage bag of yarn from Smiley's Yarn Store has completely sated my need for string. Brian and I did a bunch of YAMming* and I have enough for three major projects plus two minor ones. Not to mention the stash I already had.

Anyway, that said, I had to cheat on my yarn diet this week. It's true, my will power is weak in the face of deep-seated desire.

A few months ago I was mad searching for yarn to do the Sheep Grazin' in the Grass blanket from Vogue Knitting Baby Blankets 2. This pattern was the whole reason I bought the book and I desperately wanted to make cute little intarsia sheep for my impending cousin (due to my Aunt in April). The pattern calls for Berocco Pronto in color Grass. Now, most places I looked for it required upwards of $7 a skein. For 9 skeins I was not going to be able to afford to create the Sheep Grazin' in the Grass blanket. I hunted for an alternative bulky cotton but couldn't find one in a green grass color. It plagued me. I decided I might just double strand a worsted weight cotton, but then just gave up on the project until I really loved a yarn.

And then it happened. Elann sent me a newsletter with yarn clippings. And they had Pronto. And it was $2.49 a skein. Hello! I immediately went online and found that they only had two colors of it and they weren't even green. Boo. So I sent them an email and they said they'd email me if/when they ever got more in. I was not hopeful.

Thursday night I got the email. And I totally bought some green (I think it's called "So Green"). I bought a third of their available stock.

Brian agreed that this was a must have purchase, since I had been looking so long for this particular color and yarn. He completely sanctioned the stray from my Yarn Diet.

So now I just need three skeins of white Berocco Plush and one of black Plush. I need these to not be the retail price of $8.50 - $9.00. I found a great store online that sells mega discount Noro yarns via the Scarf Style blog yesterday. (It took a lot of Yarn Diet strength not to pick up Noro at $6.99 a skein, by the way.) I emailed them because they did not have Plush in stock, but carried a mega ton of other Berocco yarns at discount prices.

This is their response:

Thank you for your e-mail.

We always ship the same or next business day.
The Plush is not coming in, as we do not have lots of requests for it at
this time.

Have a wonderful day

I think that Wool Needlework needs to be inundated with requests for Plush, and I ask that you, readers of TK.BS** pitch in and hook a sister up with her dream YAM at this store.

Why shouldn't I harness the power of the internet, THIS BLOG, for my dreams? I beg of you, pop over to gmail or aolmail or yahoomail or whatever mail service you use and drop a line to Betsy and BEG HER to carry Plush, especially in white and black, at a deep discount.

Thank you.

*Yarn Acquisition Mission

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The SNB with great Fateitude

This is not knitting related but somehow makes me feel like it is something for the knitting community to gather 'round.


Tonight Sooner and I went to the Hoboken Stitch N Bitch (SNB). I found the group via the main SNB website

They met at Wolfgang Puck's in Hoboken. We walked in, ordered our food and approached them, realizing one of them, Megan, WENT TO LAW SCHOOL WITH BOTH MYSELF AND SOONER. How insane is that? Plus, one of the other two women (Beth) was also a lawyer. So we had an SNB with four lawyers and a non-lawyer. I felt sort of bad that most of the time at the event we were talking about people from law school but how can that be avoided with such a chance meeting? Next time we'll move on to general law talk. And by the time Jen gets back from her vacation (she was the non-lawyer) we'll be on to just talking about knitting.

*Obligatory Knitting Content

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sooner's Recent FO*s

I have recently acquired a couple of FOs that the wily Bevin was able to capture photos of. First is a throw I finished about 2 weeks ago. I intend it as a gift for my mother on Mother's Day. Cross Lane Cables from Gorgeous Knitted Afghans.

I named it Coffee's Miracle as I finished it in a fit of knitting late into the night following some mega caffeinated brew Bevin cooked up for me during an Alias Hang. It is totally being cuddled by Macy, the official spokesdog of TK.BS**.

Additionally, I've just finished the knitting of a Rose Trellis Bag of Miracles and Sumptuousness, a Nicky Epstine design from the winter edition of Vogue Knitting. (See knitalong button on side panel of this blog for details and additional photos.) Mine is still in the pre-felted stage, but it's FO enough to be included here. This is intended as a gift for my sister who is soon to be great with child and who has recently taken up knitting herself. I will fill it with needles and yarn and patterns for baby booties when I give it to her.

The roses and leaves are all complete (a dozen roses and 38 leaves), but need to be felted before they are attached to the bag, so I placed one rose to give a taste of what it will look like when complete. Macy, the official spokesdog of**, can totally be carried by the Rose Trellis Bag of Chocolate Sauce and Luxury but can be seen here carrying the Rose Trellis Bag of Air Kisses and Opulence.

I will be sure to post photos of the Rose Trellis Bag of Splendor and Majesty once it has been felted and is completely assembled.

*Finished Objects

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New FOs

Sooner is cooking something up pretty marvelous, though, stay tuned right here. It's a TK.BS* exclusive.

I just wanted to report that there are new FO**s added to the FO links on the sidebar. Sooner made an afghan. Holy crap!

Also, to comment on my own FOs (details within the photo captions) Ruffles took for ev er to finish but was a dream to knit, being all cashmerey on bamboo needles. Also, the Alien Illusion Scarf was a long time knitting, too (so much so that my DSO*** said that she was sick of watching me knit it), and curls like a mofo. I have contemplated a single crochet border but have decided that when hanging on the neck it's not so bad.


**Finished Object
***Darling Significant Other