Friday, February 04, 2005

Armchair Shrink

My colleague recently had occasion to look over TK.BS* and was fascinated with the ongoing correspondence between Bevin and I and Joan in Eugene. She has offered a theory regarding Joan's psyche that I feel is particularly insightful so I share it with you now.

Initially I believed Joan was merely a woman who needed to have the final word. As you know in any scripted program the "winner" of a confrontation ends the encounter with a zinger so profound that the "loser" of the confrontation is shocked into stunned silence. Many people believe this should happen in real life. I thought Joan in Eugene to be one of those people. Therefore I suggested to Bevin, and she agreed, that we should leave Joan in Eugene alone, at least for a little while.

However, after stewing over it for a lunch hour or so my colleague said to me, "you know I think her initial tone was taken only because she believed you to be a teen and it was intended as a rebuff from adult to child. As soon as she found out you were 'all man' she got defensive and that's why she's being so very Joan in Eugene."

Brilliant and clearly accurate.


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elspeth said...

Does this brillian colleague happen to have massive amounts of glamourous hair?