Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New F.O.s

Well, it appears that Sooner and I have a big weekend ahead of us. Smiley's Yarns in Queens is having a sale. Also, our YARN BUS VOUCHERS are printed. For those of you visiting TK.BS from afar and need a little geography orientation, I live in Jersey City, which is just left of the Hudson River from NYC. I live downtown and can see the Statue of Liberty from my street, true story. Sooner lives just north of me in a rich Bergen County, NJ suburb. Queens is just on the other side of Manhattan from where Sooner lives. And Flying Fingers is allegedly just north of NYC (which means north even of the Bronx), and the yarn bus will take us there.

Since I have a digital camera and no image hosting right now, and Sooner has no digital camera but can host images, I have put many of my FOs in a webshots album and started one for Sooner. Soonikins has a tendency to give his knitted items away the second he finishes them, which is a problem for documenting, but I will do my best to capture them for everyone to see. He is a masterful knitter. He is feeling under the weather right now and asks that everyone tell Jane D. how much he loves her.

My FOs(updated).

Sooner's FOs(NEW!).

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robin said...

i tried to reply to your email but your yahoo was returned to me.
email me again and i will try to send it back... i am also from cv and have so much to say.
robin :)