Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Recent Correspondence

Subject: The Boy Knitter From the Knitlist Wants to Make a Pair of Socks

Oh Sage Wise Knitlisters,

I have decided that I will try making myself a pair of socks. I bought some Lion Brand Magic Stripes and DPN* in the appropriate size. As you will recall I'm just a boy and I know little of such things. This is why I come to you for help.

The pattern on the skein says it is for adult medium socks. Being an adult male of some considerible sexual prowess, I believe my feet are more appropriately labled as adult large or, dare I say it, adult extra large. I swear it. Those size descriptions—even though I'm using them to describe myself--are 100% hyperbole free. Hand on the Bible.

Anyway, this means that if I make the socks as the pattern dictates they will likely be far too small and even if I manage to cram my foot into one of them the experience will likely be totally uncomfortable. Totally.

So what say you knitlisters? Can the Boy Knitter from the Knitlist get a little love by way of either suggestions on adjusting the published pattern or locations for a pattern (free or not) calling for sport weight yarn and sized appropriately for a boy of my considerable, um, proportions?

As for my totally kickin' Alien Illusion Scarf that rolls like a scroll and was inadvertantly made from acrylic yarn, I was wearing it and a friend loved it so much that I took it off my neck and gave it to her on the spot. I have begun a second even more radically hoppin' Alien Illusion Scarf, but as was recently brought to my attention there exists glow in the dark yarn and so I can see a third totally spittin' Alien Illusion Scarf even beyond the second Radically Rockin' Alien Illusion Scarf currently OTN**.

[Sooner McSoonersonville], the Boy Knitter of the Knitlist

*DPN - Double Pointed Needles
**OTN - On The Needles


Subject: Today's Knitlist Post

cc the listmoms



Please no comments on sexual exploits/prowess/whatever!

Mary, listmom of the week


Subject: Re: Today's Knitlist Post

Dear Mary,

My post wasn't actually about sex. I'm sorry if that was unclear. However a big part of my problem was the fact that I have gigantic...feet. I will be clearer about the nature of my problems in the future.

Also while I totally get the gist of your email, what does "TMI" stand for? When using acronyms the reader may be unfamilliar with it may be useful to include a footnote explaining the acronymn. See my earlier completely unsexual post for an example of the way I do it, though any method you employ for this task is fine. Just like knitting there are many ways to footnote and all of them are valid as long as you are happy with the finished product.

I'm learning so much from the knitlist and I thank you and the other listmoms for your hard work in regard to keeping this place up and running and on topic.

[Sooner McSoonersonville]


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! This blog rocks! I'm telling the whole world! Thank you, Bevin and Sooner!

All out of exclamation points!

Anonymous said...

Love - thanks for the link. I might actually stay subscribed to the KL* if you keep rocking their world. Way to go.



elspeth said...

Oh my lord this is most wonderful and blogalicious. Thank you thank you, thank you Bevin, for starting this thing!! Yay!