Friday, February 18, 2005

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Ponchos




Holy Mother of God's Goldfish on a Pogo Stick!






A Shame.

Holy Crap.



Shudder Cubed.

It isn't her fault.



elspeth said...

Listen Lover, that first link up, the orange poncho, I happen to love that poncho. You can throw the rest of the ponchos into the big green bin, but leave off the Frida poncho. In fact, I was thinking of making the Frida, till I realised that i'm too zaftig to wear it, and instead planned to make it as a shawl, as I am hot for shawls.
So you just keep away from Frida, okay?

Bevin said...

It is my belief that ponchos are a conspiracy by the yarn industry to sell more yarn. The poncho is simply an afghan for wearing, or, in the alternative, a square.

I agree with peth, though, shawls just look better on anyone.

Ponchos are wrong.

ratty said...

dude and dudette, that "scary" poncho looks like a yarn body condom, or a worm costume. god help us all.

lucia said...

Hey!! That's my poncho pattern on the dog!!!! Why did you link Mariko's page and send all all your traffic there?! Not fair! :(

You would not believe how many hits the poncho pages get. The hit rates are dropping a bit, so the trend may be fading.

katya said...

Cleary you and The Manolo share similar values.

Manolo hates the ponchos!

illanna said...

Ponchos should be illegal.

Bevin said...

At Lucia's prompting, I have decided to knit Macy a drop cross doggy poncho.

zanti said...

I happen to like the one called "proof."

lucia said...

Send me a photo, or a trackback.

In fact, we should both trackback so we can each drive our zillions of visitors to the other sites.

Anonymous said...

As a child of the '70s, I wore a poncho...when I was a child. So, I feel very deeply for these children, especially the one floating in the air. Perhaps my memory fails me, but I don't recall my poncho being quite so ugly as these.

By Quiconque []

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking a photo of something that took me a long time to do, and turning it into a joke. You fucking bitch. I hope you miscarry.

sooner said...

It's not my fault you chose to spend a long time knitting something ugly like a poncho. Maybe you should have knitted something pretty that I couldn't turn into a joke.

Also, I'm a boy and cannot miscarry.

I am a bitch, though

Anonymous said...

You do seem to choose to be an asshat to people you don't even know. That's your choice. Sorry you can't miscarry, but maybe the person carrying that baby you're uncleing for can.

sooner said...

Dear Anonymous:

It is the considered opinion of the TotallyKnitting Universe (TM) that all ponchos suck, even yours. However, I would never wish a miscarriage on even the most ardent poncho knitter. Which means, of course, that the asshat belongs to you.

Very truly yours,


Bevin said...

Dear Anonymous:

Even Eunice wouldn't wish a miscarriage on anyone. Even some random blogger who doesn't care that you made a LAME square with a hole in it.