Monday, February 14, 2005

Cheap Yarn for Felting Recap

I posted the below to the knitlist today, but thought readers of TK.BS would appreciate the joys of a felting roundup. Be sure not to miss Sooner's recent post just below this one!

Happy V-Day Knitlisters!

You may remember me from such posts as “I am looking for cheap yarn for felting, etc…” or “I need an obscure baby doll pattern from the 1970s, etc…” Or you may be more familiar with my blogging partner and best knitting pal, Brian Blaho, the Boy Knitter of the Knitlist (our blog is

I must say the knitlist rocks hardcore. The two questions I have posed have been answered (and then some!) right away and I have learned about so many new resources.

I am the luckiest girl in the world, as for Valentine’s Day I got a set of Denise circulars and two YARNTAINERS. I have only just started using circs, but knowing that I would continue to knit for years and reading about how people wished they’d made the investment (and based on the website’s claim of a savings of up to $1,000 over the life of the knitter on needle purchases) a long time ago I thought it would be a prudent request for a present. Thanks to my marvelous DSO* and Noble Knits, the yarn store closest to her that managed to find a set in California and ship them in time for my magical Valentines Day weekend o’ romance & knitting.

One thing I find especially helpful, knitlist-wise, is when answers to a question are summarized for future reference. I often save these emails so that I have them at my disposal.

Below, please find the responses to my request for bargain basement yarn for felting, including both on-list and off-list correspondence. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this list as wonderous as it is.

Especially big thanks to her Honor Holly from CT, another legal knitter.

Cheap Yarn for Felting Purposes

(Sorted based on popularity of response.)

1. I have gotten great bargains in all kinds of yarn at

2. brown sheep's lamb's pride

3. Patons merino wool (about 5.50 a skein)—sometimes goes on sale at LCS**s

4. lopi (about 3.00 a sk, but a much smaller one)

5. Lopi Lite
6. Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1

7. Cascade 220

8. (for Patons classic and others)

9. Classic Elite Waterspun
11. “My cheapest source of yarn is from thrift stores and garage sales. I check the labels on the sweaters and snap up anything that is 100% wool, then unravel it for projects. Since I felt it, the yarn being "curly" isn't a problem.”

I ended up doing research and bought six skeins from Lorien Yarns ( of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted. The owner was very helpful and had super speed turn-around. At 4.75 a skein it was by far the best price I found online. My next felted project is going to be the flower basket from VK*** Winter ’05 by the marvelous Nicky Epstein. Since it calls for a super chunky wool, upon consult with a felting expert I am going to triple-strand a worsted weight 100% wool from, but know that I will have to wash it a few more times than a normal felted bag experiment. Triple stranding super cheap wool will cost me about $40 for this bag, whereas the next cheapest chunky wool was over $68.

Okay, much love and happy knitting from the luckiest girl in the world,

Jersey City, NJ

*Darling Significant Other
**Local CRAFT Stores (like AC Moore and Treasure Island, etc…)
***Vogue Knitting

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