Friday, February 04, 2005


Sooner has been on a total yarn diet, which is completely admirable. When we first started knitting, he would buy yarn "just to have" and I would go only for projects and return that which I did not use. Now it's the opposite. I find the yarn, I see the potential... and, unfortunately, I was in the NJ office all day on Monday which meant entirely too much time on Ebay, with a side dish of buyer's remorse happening 4 days later.

So I bought this pile of snowflake yarn from someone. One skein highlighter yellow, two skeins fleece blue and one skein black. I see no potential in this yarn, but I won it for such a STEAL... I got it today and it smells like the '70s. I totally bought attic yarn, which I should have expected, but still... If anyone has any suggestions either for the use of said snowflake yarn or how to rid it of attic smell in a clever, kitty proof way, please let me know.

I won an auction from LADYOFYRE today!! That Lot of Yarn Brushed Colors-C My Other Auctions is all mine for $3.25. Shipping has yet to be determined, but I've decided that we have no contract for shipping costs, so I will make her use my corporate Fed Ex account and she'll have to COD. I wonder if she'll argue it? I do have a plan for all of my Ladyofyre bids... as my good friends Erica and Amy are getting hitched in May and I am going to make them a wedding sampler afghan. I've already decided the border is going to be the numerals in Pi as long as I can go to border the blanket (Amy gave Erica a Pi numerals ring for an anniversary). I think I may even intarsia the image of Beaner, Amy's black and white cat.

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