Monday, February 07, 2005

Sooner played hooky from work because of yarn

Last Wednesday I was experimenting with a different way home from work (in North Jersey) that ended up winding me through Newark right by Sooner's law library. I needed to make a 4 PM appt in my New York City office, but could completely have a lunch date with Soonikins. We decided that instead of having a date where we ate out, he would sneak out of the library and come with me to Jersey City where we would have left overs for lunch and USE OUR LUNCH MONEY TO BUY YARN.

He came with me to the closing, sat in my office and admired the view from the 46th floor of the Empire State Building, making copies of the patterns he liked out of my copy of Stitch n Bitch Nation. I sat in the conference room with the most annoying clients in the history of the world.

I was done by 4:45, though, and we set off to the LYS* on Madison Ave and 36th Street, The Yarn Connection. I was somewhat unimpressed, since we weren't greeted and it was small and sort of smelly--both owners were totally involved in helping an older lady decide what yarns to buy. There also really wasn't a place to sit.

The yarn selection was good in that there were many different yarns, but bad in that there wasn't really a quantity of good colors available. I ended up buying something, since it was no sales tax week in NYC (8 1/2% savings) and I found the very perfect yarn for making skull & crossbones wristbands for Haywood for valentine's day. It is a lovely and soft cashmere/merino blend, one skein each red and black. I couldn't get 100% cashmere as I'd wanted because it was $98 a skein and I love my GF but I don't love $200 worth of wristbands.

Sooner showed complete yarn buying restraint.

We then took the train down to Knit New York and met Peter, a barista, who does not know how to knit. I said "Greetings Fellow Knitster" and he disclosed this information, despite the stockinette stich logo on his chest. Sooner and I suggested he might flirt with the lady knitsters and get them to knit things for him.

Sooner, again, bought no yarn and simply read knitting books while I worked on my felted bag and fell in love with a couple of designs from Family Circle's Easy Afghans. A future purchase, to be sure.

He got invited to "Boyz" night at Knit New York again. We have decided that when he goes I will go in drag. And work on my ruffles.


Anonymous said...

Sooner, I am impressed by your yarn-buying restraint.
Bevin-- Ooh, undercover knitting! Looking forward to hearing about it!


TitaniumRose said...

Sooner you simply must share your secret to resisting the urge to buy yarn. I am a hard core sufferer of YAS, or yarn acquisition syndrome, and am in *desperate* need of a way to curb my appetite for yarn. Fortunately I have not found a good high end yarn store in my area or I'd be doomed! But still, I can get into enough trouble at the chain stores.

Bevin the undercover thing does sound intriguing. I'm imagining the Mission Impossible theme song playing softly in the background. =)