Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The First J.C. Totally Knitting Meet-Up!

Perhaps people might be interested in a knitting Me Me Me Me Me that Sooner and I have answered? Courtesy of one Jane D., major contributor to Knitflame, of course. Clickie.

Last night was the first ever official Totally Knitting Jersey City Meet-Up. As I live in Jersey City and I often drive Sooner's ass around, we chose to do it here. Plus, I like to meet fellow Jersey Citians since I am a columnist for a local paper and like to feel part of the community.

We met at Basic Coffee, promptly at 8 PM. We saw Sharon sitting at a table knitting away at a poncho (I know) and were instantly aware she was there for our Knitting Hang. We were joined by our other knitting friends very soon therafter. Sharon is a teacher working for a non-profit something or other in the city. Dawn is studying to get her real estate license and was working on a chunky scarf on big needles. Kristy was not there specifically for our Totally Knitting Jersey City Meet-Up but she was knitting at the cafe and we made her join us. She's going to Hudson Community College and was making a baby blanket for her neice, I'm not sure where she said the pattern was from but it looked lacy and marvelous. We even had another boy knitter (referring to gender not age), Raul. I forget what he does but it has something to do with Wall Street and he was making a cabled hat on circular needles. Sooner worked on his rose trellis bag using purple needles, while I worked on my Clapotis.

I feel as though I need to take this break to say that I was dubious about the Clapotis at first since absolutely every girl knitter on the internet has made one, but after seeing Peth and Yoko present their FOs at the last GGS* and then again seeing some completed internet versions I was drawn to it. So I got the yarn at our LYS** (pics and a marvelous essay to come tonight--STAY TUNED to TK.BS***) I am not entirely sure if I will love the Clapotis enough to keep it, but when I am done I may sell it to my mom at cost and make something else for myself. My mom would use the clapotis as a gift for someone and often commissions me to craft her things at cost plus something more.

We talked about a lot of things, including, but not limited to, a hearty debate regarding the lameness/coolness of the turtle shrug from scarf style, help with cabling and our lives and whatnot. I have noticed that many of the new members on the internet meet up group (link to join on the sidebar) have small dogs. It is mine and Sooner's hope that we can have a small dog/knitting Meet-Up in the future.

*Granny Girl Squad--the Totally Knitting Meet-Up, Philadelphia version
**Local Yarn Shoppe, Flying Fingers


lucia said...

I am so envious. We don't have a yarn bus nearby.

illanna said...

How do you make a place like Jersey City sound so glamorous??

Bevin said...


Jersey City is the new East Village.



yoko said...

Oh Bevin, I hope you will soon see the wonder that is Clapotis. When you get to the straight rows and drop stitches, it will be glorious.

Anne said...

Hey, I was the random chick who came into Basic and introduced myself and mentioned the Sunday knitting group! Totally didn't put 2 and 2 together (despite remembering your name... I don't meet a Bevin every day) until I was looking for your write-up of the Flying Fingers trip to send the aforementioned Sunday crew, which will be making our own trek in a couple weeks.

OK, now I sound like some alarmingly enthusiastic person -- it just strikes me as the electronic version of running into someone you know in the middle of Times Square. (Which I would never do because I'm too busy staring at my feet and scowling and trying to get the hell out of Times Square.)