Thursday, February 03, 2005

More about the dog breed intarsia

After I received word back that I could get a chihuahua chart for $6 and a shih tzu face chart for $3.50 I emailed Haywood, asking if I made a sweater with the visage of a chihuahua would she wear it.

"bevin:we've been dating for 2 years now. i think you should know the answer to this question. if you don't know the answer, it makes me a little bit sad. regardless, just in case you don't know the couldn't pay me enough money to wear a knitted sweater with a dog pattern on it!!!!!!!!!i mean i love my dogs.......and sometimes i'm crazy about them........but i will NEVER get to the point where i'm capable of wearing a knitted sweater with their faces on it...........there's just something wrong with that...........-haywood"

My sweet, dearest darling SO*, Haywood:
I really think you need to give this dog sweater thing a shot. Honestly, you own approximately 50 mechanics shirts. Many of which have very interesting and punk rock designs, including but not limited to much bowling paraphanalia. What I'm saying is that you wear bowling things as kitsch. What should stop you from wearing a SHIH TZU/CHIHUAHUA intarsia cardigan as kitsch? Both mechanics shirts and cardigans have buttons and pockets, it's just that the cardigan pockets ride a little lower. And are way more comfy/cuddly. I urge you to give this a real shot and not dismiss it right away. Dog sweaters are not just for Nanas anymore.
With much love and admiration for your style,
*Significant Other


sooner said...

Bevin, I have been following this correspondence between you and your SO* very carefully and I believe that from a completely impartial view point you are 100% in the right on this one. I mean, if Haywood isn't entirely converted to your way of thinking by your kitch argument then I believe that you should take her in and have the chemicals in her brain analyzed so that you may treat her for whatever imbalance must exist to explain her non-conversion. I am convinced that a hand knit cardigan with a chiuaua intarsiaed into it is perfectly within Haywood's style-sphere.

*Significant Other

Shasta said...

um, I found another knitting group for the Totally Knitting Universe(tm) to torment:

Anonymous said...

if i didn't know any better, i would have thought that you two had created the christian knitters blog. it sounds like something you guys would have done. and, as i read the main page of that blog, i really had to think for a minute to figure out if you two had really created it. i think you should follow the guidelines for joining their ring and google group.......but use princess' blog and persona to join it.

PLEASE!!!!! it would give me so much more entertainment while at work if you'd join......

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last comment was from me........