Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pre Yarn Bus Correspondence

Sooner to Kevin, Man Crocheter of the Flying Fingers Yarn Shoppe:

Dear Kevin or Elise or Both,

I am Brian, the Boy Knitter from the Knitlist and also star of Knitflame. You may remember me from such emails as "crocheters are sailors who make knots" and "no offense I had no idea you were a crocheter."

Regardless, as I have mentioned in the past and to all who would listen, Flying Fingers is totally my LYS*. My blogging partner, Bevin, and I have in fact made Flying Fingers the official LYS of the Totally Knitting Universe.

As you may also recall Bevin and I are making our way up to Flying Fingers by way of the Yarn Bus this coming Sunday, February 20, 2005. We are totally looking forward to our adventure into your yarn land of luxury and have been busily preparing by deciding which projects to acquire supplies for and what not. I'm especially interested in the bamboo and soy fibers I read about on your website. I think I'd like to make Interlocking Baloons from Scarf Style from Bamboo -- RED -- but need to consult you first. This is the LYS advantage.

Anyway, I am sending this email unto you so that you would be reminded that we are coming to visit and hopefully arrange your schedule so that you may greet us as we emerge from the Yarn Bus. It is our hope to establish a long and fruitful relationship with Flying Fingers and in that way I'm sure you can see the value of a personal greeting upon our arrival.

Please see to it, Kevin or Elise or Both.

Brian, the boy knitter from the knitlist and star of knitflame.

*Local Yarn Shoppe

Kevin to Sooner:

Totally looking forward to it! (you're on the 10:00 am bus, yes?)

Btw, would you and Bevin (such an easy name for me to remember) like to enroll in my Mar 13 or Apr 3 Crochet Class?
(Sneak peek of draft Session X attached.)

Sooner unto Bevin:


This is totally exciting news. Get back to me asap regarding crochet dates.


P.S. someone whose name MIGHT rhyme with a'hole totally has a new FO*. Including fringe. I have decided to name the FO "Coffee's Miracle."

*Finished Object

Sooner to Kevin:

Dear Kevin,

Yes, our reservation is for the 10am Yarn Bus on Sunday February 20. Two days, Kevin. Two.

Both Bevin and I would very much like to be enrolled in your March 13 Crochet class. By any chance is the Yarn Bus available for that date? Might we secure a couple of seats in the Yarn Bus of Mystery and Wonder for March 13? Will we be learning to crochet a skull and crossbones?

Brian, the boy knitter of the knitlist and star of knitflame.

Kevin to Sooner:

Elise or I or Both are counting the hours, Boy Knitter aka Sooner.

In addition, I've signed you both up for the Mar 13 crochet w/s (noting the desire for skull & crossbones motifs) and given you reservations for the Mar 13 10am bus returning 4pm.

Bevin to Kevin (I know):

Dear Kevin:

You may already know me by name, but in case you are unfamiliar, I am Bevin, the Girl Knitter of the Totally Knitting Universe and a legalknitter. My friend Brian Blaho is the Boy Knitter of the Knitlist andStar of Knitflame and has been in contact with you regarding the YarnBus and Crochet Classes and whatnot. I have received copies of all correspondence from Brian unto you andvice versa. I am very pleased with your quality of service online andif that is any indication of the quality of LYS* service we willreceive in store (and on the street as we disembark from the Yarn Busof Magical Mystery and Wonder to your emphatic greeting) I will never regret having declared in concert with Brian Flying Fingers Yarn Shop the official LYS of the Totally Knitting Universe.

I have one small request for our E-Service henceforth. I noticed that the voucher Brian printed for our trip on the Yarn Bus of Magical Mystery and Wonder is in the name of Brian Blaho + Guest. In the style of a wedding invitation. While this is certainly okay and understandable since Brian made the reservation, I am specifically reaching out to you, Kevin, Man Crocheter of Flying Fingers Yarn Shop, to make sure that my name is explicitly on the registration for the very reasonably priced crochet class that books up months in advance.

You see, Kevin, Brian is dynamic, persuasive and charming. Not only that, he is also quite devious. I would not put it past him to putthe spot of "guest" up on ebay to the highest bidder. It is obviousthat the crochet class is in hot demand and any number of NYC metrowannabe crocheters might be tricked into bidding money to be Brian's guest. While I am left at the Union Square Yarn Bus of Magical Mystery and Wonders stop staring in disbelief that my promised spot inyour crochet class has been snatched up by some trust funded girl wishing to step ever so slightly away from garter stitch fun fur scarves, Brian will laugh all the way to the bank.

Now, I love Brian like a brother. He is my best knitting pal, blogging partner and uncle to my two lovely dogs, Leroy (a chihuahua)and Macy (shih tzu puppy and official spokesdog of TK.BS**). I do not think that Brian would betray my trust and yours in such a way, but I am just hedging my bets.

You understand.

See you on Sunday!!


Attorney at Law/Girl Knitter
*Local Yarn Shoppe

Kevin to Bevin:

Rest assured, you are your own uniquely identified person in every case, not just a token to be swapped out willy-nilly.

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