Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dog Breed Intarsia

I found this page on the internet and I was astounded. Could I possibly knit something so wonderful as my darling Poo Pie's visage on a sweater or other knitted creation? (Tote bag? Ipod cozy?) Dare I dream that big? Much to my disappointment, I found that the website was totally big breed centric. Hello!! People with dogs that big are too busy picking up enormous poops to intarsia something that magical. I wrote the following email in the spirit of Sooner's knitting communiques:

Oh Brenda!!

I was at to make a totally happening and trendy Shih Tzu sweater for mymother.

As you do not yet know, but are about to, I have a shih tzunamed Macy. She is 5 months old and my mom is completely enamored byMacy. I would love to make her either a sweater, a totebag or both. Currently I have made mom and Macy a matching set of scarf (for mom)and sweater (for Macy) so that when mom visits Macy they match. I think she would love these accessories for the time that they are apart and she can brag about her granddog Macy.

Also, I have a chihuahua named Leroy. He is very cute but my mom doesn't love him like Macy so I would likely only use a chihuauha pattern for myself. I am open to intarsia charts/patterns for both breeds. Attachedyou'll find a cute picture of both Macy, Leroy, myself and my S.O.* If you need to see the breeds to know what I'm talking about. Additionally, there are more pics I have if you need body shots orwhathaveyou.


Jersey City, NJ
*Significant Other

She replied that she only makes 1-2 patterns per year. My hopes are low. However, I did find this page that promises a potential chart from your pictures of your pups. I am thinking of perhaps commissioning an intarsia chart of Leroy and Macy looking out a window.

If you have sound on your computer, do turn it up. There's a midi file.


TitaniumRose said...

Bevin - I tried replying to the lovely comment you sent me, but for some reason email is not playing nice right now, so I'll just post it here! =)

Dear Bevin - Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my little corner of the web! I sometimes wonder if anyone out there is reading it so it's nice to hear that someone is, particularly someone as delightful as you! I have bookmarked your blog and plan to read
through it this morning.

I do usually try to bring some kind of craft project with me to work on during lunch. If I don't get time to do something creative every day I go positively insane. Today I've got a new knitting project with me - I'm making a smallish bag that I'm going to attempt to felt. I'll be sure to post my progress on the blog. =)

Tell Sooner to hang in there with the afghan. I made a queen sized blanket for my sister out of crocheted granny squares that I did during lunches and short breaks between classes. It did seem to take forever, but it was gratifying.

Chat with you again later!

Luv, Erin
aka TitaniumRose

Shasta said...

holy crap! you should definitely make a matching "descending cross shawl" for your madre and Macy.

Shasta said...

the descending dove in action:

Macy will simply not be holy without one!

Bevin said...

Shasta Darling, I cannot even forgive myself for not scouring through the pages of that woman's website for her magical cross shawl thing. Maybe I could just intarsia a sweater for Macy with a Jesus head? Create a crown of thorns for her out of fizz yarn or something?

sooner said...

I am especially moved by the red white and blueness of the OOAK* Jesus shawl she has created. I believe wearing that shawl = supporting our troops Jesus-core. It's just what I believe.

*One of a kind