Monday, February 21, 2005

Ponchos: A Subscript

While it is still the official position of TK.BS* that we hate all ponchos, we do not hate Lucia, designer of the dog poncho.

I recently received in my email a promotion from Lion Brand Yarn declaring the "man-cho" the next big thing. I am dubious.



lucia said...

I suspected you were only disturbed by the patterns. I can keep you alerted should there be any sudden upticks in the hit rate for poncho pages or requests for additional poncho patterns. That will give you time to avert your eyes.

Although, Knitflame seems united in their detestation for knit bathing suits, I have had email requests for bikini patterns. I can't help wondering: if I write a bikini pattern, will we see a dog modeling said bikini afterwards? If we do, will you beg the dog owner to throw a poncho over that?

Bevin said...

Dearest Lucia:

I hate to be the one to break this to you:



P.S. "Omigod, why?"--Haywood

lucia said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe Lion Brand meant "big" in the literal sense. Can't argue there.

sooner said...


I'm sure you meant to say, "OMG*.

"*Oh My God"

lucia said...

No! I meant, "Our Mother Goose". I never blashpheme.